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3 Month Granola Gift Subscription

3 Month Granola Gift Subscription

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The 3 Month Subscription is the perfect gift for someone special. Can the rapture of a visit from the post person, every month, for three months, to deliver freshly baked granola be expressed in any other way?

We think not. 

Having considered all the potentially deserving recipients of such a gift, we have compiled a compendious and fully flexible range of gift subscriptions to satisfy all manner of gifting; from the 'not another candle' teacher, to the 'not another box of chocolates' accountant, the new parents, homeowners and savvy singles to the 'just thinking of you' gestures - you're covered.

How it works

The 3 month gift subscription is billed once upon purchase and granola is sent out, like clockwork, once a month for 3 consecutive months. No need to cancel, it will automatically finish after 3 months. 

Flavour Variations

Select from any of our Classic granolas; the best-selling Oat & Nut, delicious Quinoa & Buckwheat, warming Chai Spiced Mulberry, crunchy Honey & Roasted Almond or delicate Apricot, Millet & Date (Vg). Alternatively, receive a randomised classic blend each month by choosing 'Surprise Me'. 

For the hedonists seeking the next leap of faith, you can now select the 'Limited Edition' subscription which contains one or more of our current Limited Edition granola blends. 


Small: This gift subscription will deliver a monthly parcel containing (as you prefer), either a 450g carton of Classic granola or a 500g bag of Limited Edition Granola. This is the ideal amount to neatly fit in our smallest size of granola jar and provides approximately 10 servings. 

Medium: This gift subscription will deliver a monthly parcel containing 1kg of granola of your choice. This is the ideal amount to neatly fit in our medium sized granola jar and provides approximately 20 servings.

Large: This gift subscription will deliver a monthly parcel containing 2kg of granola of your choice. This is the ideal amount to neatly fit in our largest granola jar and provides approximately 40 servings.

All subscriptions are sent out with free postage and packaging in the UK.

* Please note that updates to our website caused subscriptions purchased after 12th December 2023 to incur shipping charges at checkout! We are working to fix this but in the meantime, will manually keep an eye on new subscriptions and refund you the shipping charge as soon as we see it (please email us if we haven't refunded you for the shipping charge within 5 days of purchase!)

You can find our Subscription FAQs here.
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