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The Classic Granola Discovery Set

The Classic Granola Discovery Set

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The Classic Granola Discovery Set contains the 5 best-selling H&H classic granola blends; Oat & Nut, Quinoa & Buckwheat, Chai Spiced Mulberry, Honey & Roast Almond and Apricot Millet & Date.

Each box holds 200g of granola (approximately 4 servings) and is a fantastic way to try the whole collection - a convenient travel companion - or a nice little stocking filler!

The 5 granolas in our classic range are made with ingredients that are naturally free-from gluten (including the oats) and are freshly baked, crushed and packed by hand at our bakery in Bermondsey, London.

The first four flavours are made with pure wildflower honey (no refined sugars) and the last flavour (Apricot) is made without honey using maple & golden syrup instead which makes it suitable for a vegan lifestyle. 

This set contains:

Oat & Nut (200g): 
The original and best-selling of the H&H granola range, this classic blend is made with clusters of toasted Scottish oats, rough-chopped roasted hazelnuts, brazil nuts and almonds. Chunks of date and sweet raisins are balanced with a hint of sea salt.

Quinoa & Buckwheat (200g):
Scottish oats and Suffolk-grown quinoa from Hodmedods farms form the base of this granola, with chopped dates, almonds and seeds adding to it's unique texture, this granola lends well to both sweet and savoury dishes.

Chai Spiced Mulberry (200g):
Uniquely spiced with fragrant cardamom, cinnamon, clove and ginger, toasted Scottish oats bound with wildflower honey, Persian mulberries and dates form the base of this blend which is does not contain nuts (but is made in a facility that handles nuts!)

Honey & Almond (200g):
Developed as a lighter cereal, our Honey & Roast Almond granola is a versatile blend featuring a base of toasted oat clusters, roasted, rough chopped almond pieces and subtle, sweet notes of wildflower honey.

 Apricot, Millet & Date (200g):
Chewy, flavourful apricot pieces sit alongside beautifully textured puffed millet and chopped dates. Developed without honey but using maple and golden syrup to suit a vegan diet.

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