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British Honey, Lincolnshire

British Honey, Lincolnshire

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Raw, untreated honey (8oz/227g) extracted in small quantities by the Adlard Family and their bees in Lincolnshire.

Predominant botanical origins

  • 2a Set White Whipped: Oilseed rape, hawthorn & fruit blossoms.
  • 2b Runny Gold Liquid: Clover, hedgerows & lavender.

The colour and crystalisation of the honey may differ from the images, depending on the exact botanical origin that the bees have been feeding on. The honey is bottled into glass jars for better preservation. 


Crystalisation is common in honey that hasn't been processed or filtered to remove the pollen. You may, therefore, see natural crystalisation in the 2b Adlard honey. 

In addition, honey from certain flowers (for example, clovers or oilseed rape) will crystalise faster than honey from other flowers, (for example, acacia and heather) due to their glucose/fructose ratio - some honeys may even crystalise in the actual hive on colder days.

If you have chosen runny 2b honey and it has crystalised, you can place the honey jar in a bowl of hot water or bain-marie and gently heat it to return it to a runny state. (We don't advise microwaving). 

Crystalised honey is a delicious addition to a variety of dishes, from cooking glazes, to a spoonful of sweet texture with smooth yoghurt, a drop stirred into chamomile tea, or a teaspoon-sized chunk blended into green smoothies for a little subtle sweetness.

Please note that we are unable to ship honey to the EU including Ireland unfortunately, due to new import laws. 

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