London Calling

London born and bred, our founder Hedié first discovered a taste for granola during a spontaneous trip to Brazil, where she was greeted morning after morning with bowls of freshly baked granola atop mountains of fruits. Upon returning to London, granola found a firm place in her culinary artillery. Indeed, Husk & Honey was born.

Seven years since a passion was translated into a thriving company based in the heart of London’s Spa Terminus, Husk & Honey is committed to the same quality and principles with which it started in Hedie’s domestic kitchen.

We source our grains with a key focus on provenance and select our nuts, seeds and fruit for their flavour, as it is our belief that exceptional cereals begin with exceptional ingredients. Our granolas are blended with a touch of wildflower honey, using no refined sugars, then roasted, cooled and processed ready to be enjoyed.

Food Sovereignty

Great relationships with the UK’s best producers is key as we strive to shorten the supply chain, and means that come rain or shine, we can play our part in achieving food sovereignty whist working with the finest ingredients.

Working directly with British farmers and makers, Husk & Honey is the only granola bakery to achieve transparency on all levels from field to kitchen table.

Our oats come directly from field, deep in the Scottish countryside, where John, a dedicated oat farmer grows, mills and kiln-dries his oats using traditional methods in his water-wheel powered historic oat mill.

We use British—grown quinoa from a farm in East Anglia, meticulously sourced single origin cacao nibs and chocolate which is roasted a few doors down from our bakery, exquisite rare fruits from our next-door neighbours, Natoora, whole fragrant spices and continue to dedicate resources to research exciting new ingredients.

Bakery & Beyond

Since hosting at our first farmer’s markets, Primrose Hill, Sloane Square, and Broadway Market, Husk & Honey has grown organically to lay our aprons at our beloved bakery headquarters nestled under the arches of Spa Terminus, situated in the heart of London’s original food scene; Bermondsey.

The dedicated Husk & Honey bakery has enabled us to establish a thriving wholesale business whilst still serving thousands of our loyal independent customers; Mr & Mrs Pearson on the Isle of Wight, Mr Treadwell in Brighton, and the Morley-Fletcher family in London to name a few.

With retail packaging, bulk packaging and a sizable production capacity, our small, hard-working team are delighted to supply over 100 coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, food halls & neighbourhood groceries across the capital and beyond. Staying true to inherent values enables us to maintain the H&H quality commitment and enjoy the company’s independence; we aren’t naturally aligned to big supermarkets and investment schemes, opting instead to work to our own steady, stable & sustainable pace.

Work Hard, Play Hard

In 2017, Michel Roux Jr. selected Husk & Honey as the best granola in the UK and we have since been awarded four Great Taste awards by the Guild of Fine Food. The incredible reception to our classic range inspired us to challenge traditional granola recipes and create an ever-changing collection of nnovative limited edition blends, made with seasonal and rare ingredients, as well as porridge, other popular cereals and a curated selection of homewares.

In 2024, we further intimated Husk & Honey and now invite customers to join us in the bakery on Saturday mornings at a series of exciting workshops, where, guided by Hedié, small groups of up to 6 people bake their very own blend of granola or bag of ANZAC biscuits.

Here at Husk & Honey, we have developed over 613 different granola flavours, indisputably ‘a lot’ - nevertheless, our guests continue to impress us with
inspirational, unique blends.

It takes a (small) village...

Alongside Hedié, who is still very much involved with production, recipe development and more, we have baker Alex in the kitchen, Della working with stockists and handling all your orders, Yashila looking after all things digital and Eleanor (who now has a full-time role at The Royal Opera House), making rockstar guest appearances in the bakery shop on select Saturdays.

Our Bakery

We are located in the arches of Spa Terminus, a stone's throw from Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey, within a unique community of producers and artisanal makers. Whilst our bakery is closed for visitors Monday to Friday each week during production, we open for visitors on Saturdays, between 9am-2pm where you can shop all of our products including freshly baked Anzac biscuits directly from our production facility.

Unit 9, Discovery Estate, St James's Rd, London, SE16 4RA