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Pinhead Oats

Pinhead Oats

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Pinhead oats, or 'steel cut' as they are also known are the entire oat berry chopped into tiny pieces rather than being rolled into flakes as is more commonly found.

Derived from the very same oats that are rolled into flakes for our granola, these pinhead oats make a fantastic porridge - a lengthy process but worth the wait!

Textured, creamy, nutty and filling...


Recipe idea:
- 90g Pinhead Oats
- 250ml Milk
- 500ml Water
- Pinch of Salt

    Place all ingredients in a large bowl and let them soak overnight in the fridge (they are likely to expand a little). The following morning (or 12 hours later), pour everything into a saucepan and simmer for 25 minutes - depending on the texture that you want, simmer for 5 minutes more or less than our guidelines. When you reach the desired thickness, serve the porridge adding any toppings you like - we love a little extra milk, brown sugar and fresh fruits. 
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