Creating our Limited Editions

Using a variety of hand-sourced spices, seasonal or rare fruits and innovative pairings, our Limited Edition granolas vary from week-to-week and are made in small batches, ameliorated with availability of ingredients, and more.

We love creating inspired new blends as well as revisiting the recipe archives to bring back your past favourites.

It is the chef's suprise as to what goes into the oven, and we typically have two or three Limited Edition varieties available at any time.

We know that people love the Limited Edition granolas, so each blend has a 'notify when back in stock' button; our little way of seeing your best loved pairings, and for which recipes to revive from time-to-time.

Meanwhile, our Classic Range of granolas are continuously baked, packed & available all year round. 

January 2021: Please note that production has been experiencing large & unexpected demand for both our Limited Edition and our Classic Granola range throughout January 2021. This means that ability to bake volumes of Limited Edition granolas has been somewhat tested as they sell out very fast, faster than we can bake! Thank you for your understanding and patience; we are committed to keep developing and baking new Limited Edition granolas for you!

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