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Quinoa & Buckwheat Granola - Clearance

Quinoa & Buckwheat Granola - Clearance

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Quality: This batch has been identified to contain Roast Buckwheat (small brown nibs), that have turned very hard in the oven. Flavour and shelf life are still good however caution is recommended on sensitive teeth. 

We recommend for use in smoothies or for making granola butter! 


A uniquely textured granola recipe, made with chopped, roasted almonds, puffed grains & wildflower honey

Scottish oats and Suffolk-grown quinoa from Hodmedods farms form the base of this granola, toasted in British rapeseed oil and a touch of wildflower honey. With a notably subtle flavour and unique texture, this granola lends well to both sweet and savoury dishes.

Choose from 450g (10 servings), 1 kilo (22 servings) or 2 kilos (44 servings) of fresh Quinoa & Buckwheat granola, made in our cereal bakery in Bermondsey. The best quality shelf life is 4 months, once open, it can be stored in the freezer or decanted into an airtight jar to keep fresh for a long time. 

The gentle flavour and unique texture makes it a particularly versatile granola; excellent with yoghurts, blueberries, and acai bowls, sprinkled over ice cream, salads and summer fruit crumbles. This granola is particularly popular with children and benefits an excellent nutritional profile too. (Tip: Try a handful sprinkled over Mackies Scottish ice cream drizzled with good quality olive oil).


Gluten-free jumbo oats, puffed quinoa, puffed buckwheat, hulled buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, dates, wildflower honey, flaked coconut, coconut pulp, coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, cinnamon, Himalayan rose salt.

This granola is baked with certified gluten-free oats, and no added refined sugars. Allergens in bold.

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