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White Chocolate, Orange & Goji Berry Granola

White Chocolate, Orange & Goji Berry Granola

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As weather is getting warmer, now seems the time to indulge in fresh flavours. A granola that encapsulates zest, freshness, and subtle bitter notes into a lively blend. Seems perfect, no?

Generous inclusions of puffed rice – blended and whole - give this granola a light, crunchy texture with powerful kicks of sour goji berries, and flecks of zesty orange to offer a delightfully fresh, palette-tingling experience.

The citrus notes of this granola are balanced with a sweet wave of Lucocoa’s* white chocolate, grated to melt over the trays of hot granola once they are pulled from the oven.

Enjoy this blend with a splash of almond milk – or even almond yoghurt - for a nutty, thick accompaniment to really make the flavours dance.

* The natural blonde chocolate for this granola comes from our neighbour Lucocoa - London's first bean-to-bar chocolate company. Lucocoa is owned by Ama, who's bloomed (hence unsellable) chocolate we grate and use in a variety of granola blends such as 'White Chocolate & Raspberry' and 'Black Forest Gateau'.


Jumbo oats (gf), coconut pulp, desiccated coconut, coconut threads, puffed rice, puffed amaranth, white chocolate, wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, vanilla, goji berries, orange essence, dehydrated orange flakes, Himalayan salt.

Allergens in bold.

Note: Gift Cubes are stackable. Dimensions are 11cm x 11cm and the height is 12.5cm

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