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Walnut & Grape Molasses Granola

Walnut & Grape Molasses Granola

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Dark, nutty & substantial; words that come to mind with a spoon of Walnut & Grape Molasses granola on thick set yoghurt. This limited blend is made with our signature thick toasted oats and puffed amaranth, with crunchy poppy seeds and both ground and broken walnuts for extra depth. We have soaked dark raisins and currants in brandy for 4 months and blitzed them into a paste which is mixed through the granola with lashings of grape molasses and a dusting of coconut sugar. Finished with Blackthorn Scottish sea salt crystals, the really, really big ones, and a tiny bit of ground ginger. One of the longest developments for our limited granola range, but well worth it! We think its lovely with thick set yoghurt.

Ingredients: Oats, wildflower honey, grape molasses, rapeseed oil, brandy-soaked currants and raisins, walnuts, (NUTS), puffed amaranth, raisins, cranberries, poppy seeds, ground ginger, coconut sugar, Blackthorn Scottish sea salt crystals. 

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