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Table Flaker

Table Flaker

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The Table Flaker allows you to conveniently hand flake fresh oats and grains at home, anytime. With it's unique design it does not require to be attached to a table or worktop. 

Enjoy complete control of wholegrain flaking to make your perfect porridge, museli or oat recipes. In our opinion, there's nothing like freshly rolled grains. For maximum flavour and taste, we recommend toasting them for a couple of minutes in a dry pan after rolling.

The Table Flaker is easy to operate, simple to clean and made in Germany with stainless steel rollers. It will flake a variety of grains, seeds, spices and pulses and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Please note: The Table-Flaker is assembled and shipped to order from the workshop in Germany, we advise a 3 week lead time for all orders. Tax added at checkout, import duties are included in the price and all flakers are shipped with free delivery.

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