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Sweet & Salty Miso Apple Granola

Sweet & Salty Miso Apple Granola

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It's hard to contain our excitement for this Limited Release Granola - using a miso made with British-grown* fava beans for a rich umami flavour, paired with sweet apple pulp and apple chips, we enjoy this granola straight from the bag as well as a snack with thick set yoghurt. 

(A slightly sour yoghurt like Greek yoghurt pairs very well!)


Oats, hulled buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, puffed quinoa, puffed oats, coconut flakes, apple chips, apple pulp, UK grown fava (miso) paste, honey, rapeseed oil, coconut sugar, sea salt flakes.

*Fermented Fava Bean paste from Hodmedods


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