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Sweet Apple Crisp Granola

Sweet Apple Crisp Granola

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To what do we owe this delightfully crispy pleasure? Surely, the presence of puffed rice, crisp apple flakes and thin oats.

Quite the variation on our signature granola texture, this blend uses a combination of crisp, light inclusions, rendering an especially crunchy blend.

Freeze dried red-skin apple flakes, puffed rice are the major players, mixed with thinner oats to result in a particularly crisp blend. Juicy golden raisins provide bursts of sweetness, balanced with a subtle note of green tea and smooth cardamom.

We love this blend on a bed of natural yoghurt, any time of day!


Jumbo oats, wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, apple chips, puffed rice, golden raisins (SO2) desiccated coconut, green tea, ground cardamom, Himalayan salt.

Please note; this recipe does not contain nuts but is made at our bakery which does handle nuts. 

Made with gluten free, organic oats.

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