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Rosewater, Apple & Almond Granola

Rosewater, Apple & Almond Granola

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 There’s something ‘fresh’ about rosewater thats hard to put into words. A uniquely gentle aroma, contrasting the often 'strong', 'thorough' and 'solid' qualities that we associate with fragrance of rose. 

This granola has unmistakeable notes of rosewater, yet it doesn't tread the line of tasting at all 'flowery'. Chunks of skin-on almonds, crunchy freeze dried red apples and puffed millet add a brilliant texture to the blend, whilst vanilla, cardamom and wildflower honey compliment and balance all the delicate flavours.

We love this blend with a few spoons of thick Greek yoghurt - the slightly sour kind!

Gift Cubes are stackable and the dimensions are 11cm x 11cm, the height is 12.5cm


Jumbo oats (gf), buckwheat, sunflower seeds, apple chips, desiccated coconut, chopped almonds, puffed millet, coconut pulp, ground cardamom, Himalayan salt, rapeseed oil, wildflower honey, rosewater, vanilla extract, rose petals. Allergens in bold.

Please Note: This granola contains nuts (almonds)

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