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Raffaello Ruse Granola

Raffaello Ruse Granola

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Put your hands together for another round of applause for Viika who inspired this Raffaello Ruse Granola! Baked, packed and emphatically sealed with Viika's latest British patois, 'Seasons Greetings'.

If you had the good fortune of enjoying her Chocolate & Hazelnut granola, her snowballing flair for flavour needs no introduction.

With entirely self-motivated initiative, Viika emphatically presented each ingredient for this granola with well-considered and sincerely impressive justification;

"Cashews to add creamy-ness", "almond slivers because they are smooth and break/crunch", "coconut, lots of coconut, all the coconut", and, most importantly, "Ama's chocolate", she said.

This granola is intentionally commanded by a bold base of coconut flakes, threads, pulp and desiccated coconut with handfuls of creamy blitzed cashews and toasted jumbo oats. A small but mighty pinch of Himalayan salt balances the sweetness of the coconut and white chocolate for a truly delicious, beautifully inspired granola.

The Raffaello goes for a delicate finish of finely grated natural blonde chocolate, melted over the hot oven-fresh granola before cooling for a modest, even spread.

Enjoy with natural yoghurt, over Mackie's ice cream, or fresh cold whole milk.

Note: Gift Cubes are stackable and the dimensions are 11cm x 11cm, the height is 12.5cm


Jumbo oats (gf), ground cashew (nuts), coconut pulp, desiccated coconut, coconut threads, almond flakes (nuts), quinoa puffed, white chocolate (vgn), wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, vanilla, Himalayan salt. Allergens in bold.

The natural blonde chocolate for this granola comes from our neighbour Lucocoa - London's first bean-to-bar chocolate company. Lucocoa is owned by Ama, who's bloomed (hence unsellable) chocolate we grate and use in a variety of granola blends such as 'White Chocolate & Raspberry' and 'Black Forest Gateau'.



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