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Peach & Nectarine Crisp Granola

Peach & Nectarine Crisp Granola

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Summer in a bowl!

This granola starts with a uniquely textured blend of crisp puffed amaranth and millet, puffed quinoa, porridge oats and desiccated coconut, tossed through more creamy oats.

Wildflower honey and vanilla add a delicate aroma, balanced with the toasted flavour of coconut sugar, finished with a scattering of Summer's sweetest peach and nectarine flakes which we dehydrate in-house.

The intense fuchsia blood nectarines, sweet yellow flesh peaches and aromatic white Saturn peaches are all sourced and selected by Natoora for flavour, preserved by our slow, in-house dehydration for incredibly intensely flavoured flakes.

Enjoy with cold yoghurt (the soft, less acidic kind) and a few slices of banana. We love the yoghurt from Kappacasein, or you can try mixing yoghurt with a little milk before sprinkling with a handful of Peach & Nectarine Crisp Granola.


Gluten free oats, wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, puffed amaranth, puffed millet, desiccated coconut, puffed quinoa, coconut sugar, vanilla, Himalayan salt, blood nectarine, yellow peach, Saturn peach.

Please note this recipe does not contain nuts but is made in a facility that handles nuts. Please note that this recipe has been slightly amended for product sent out after 24th August (we didnt have enough puffed rice to re-bake today, but as its a very popular blend, decided to keep baking it anyway, using puffed millet and puffed amaranth instead.)


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