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Pandan, Matcha & Gula Malacca Granola

Pandan, Matcha & Gula Malacca Granola

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Inspired by Pandan cheesecake, we were resolute in finding a way to incorporate pandan into a granola. Well, we think we've done it.

Pandan leaves have a soft, sweet aroma with a slight grassy taste (think Matcha), with hints of vanilla, jasmine, and coconut. To top it off, we've shaved a little Gula Malacca into the blend; sap from coconut palm flowers which is boiled to thicken and set in bamboo; this adds a deep, butterscotch-y/treacle-y sweetness. Ceremonial grade Matcha adds a different depth and reinforces this granola's subtle pale green hue.

Top Tip: We usually recommend different yoghurts with granola, however, we highly recommend this granola to be consumed with milk, or even a combination of milk and natural yoghurt, as thin as you can get it! This softens the clusters and encourages the granola's flavour to infuse the milk.

As a key note, Gula Malacca, a type of palm sugar, is harvested in a different, non-destructive, way to palm oil, and the International Orangutan Foundation has given it the green light as an ingredient choice (and this is very important to us!)

Ingredients: Oats, Pandan Juice, Pandan Fibre Pulp, Oil, Hulled Buckwheat, Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Honey, Puffed Millet, Coconut Flakes, Desiccated Coconut, Gula Malacca, Salt


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