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Matcha, Cashew & Coconut Granola

Matcha, Cashew & Coconut Granola

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What did the cashew say to the pumpkin seed when they got engulfed in a cloud of green matcha?

 ‘Now I match-ya!’ (As in, now we are both green..) Ok, back to the kitchen..

Ceremonial grade matcha is the hero of this granola in no discreet way, enriching the blend with a vibrant hue, aroma and unquestionable matcha flavour. Wildflower honey, apple pieces, vanilla and coconut lift the sweetness of the blend, whilst pumpkin seeds and blitzed cashew nuts add a creamy bite. 

We love this granola in every way - including straight from the bag - but for refined consumption, it’s brilliant with a splash of almond milk. 

Question: Is it caffeinated? Yes, it is. Less than coffee, more than regular green tea, but it’s often consumed in place of other caffeinated drinks owing to its gentle energising effects - as well as superb antioxidant qualities. 


Jumbo oats (gf), wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, cashew nuts, apple chips, pumpkin seeds, coconut strands, puffed amaranth, coconut sugar, coconut pulp, ceremonial grade matcha, ground ginger, vanilla extract, salt. Allergens in bold.

Please Note: This granola contains nuts (cashew)

Also available in Gift Cubes:

Gift Cubes are stackable and the dimensions are 11cm x 11cm, the height is 12.5cm

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