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Maple, Pecan & Roast Banana Granola

Maple, Pecan & Roast Banana Granola

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This Great Taste award-winning granola was described by the Guild of Fine Food as having a;

  “Wonderful golden colour with lots of identifiable ingredients."

We think its a brilliant combination of flavours and textures. They agreed;

   "A great combination of flavours which has been cleverly put together. It retained texture and crunch when eaten with milk."

Grating the nutmeg in-house might risk RSI of the wrist, but in limited, barely detectable quantities, its crucial in the flavour game, used to balance the sweetness of the banana and maple. The judges took the words right out of our mouths...

   "The spices have been judiciously added so that none overwhelm but bring a layered warmth to the whole flavour." 

   "This granola feels well-made and has the perfect level of sweetness."

What more can we say, its one of our more elusive, yet best-selling recipes; perfect with natural yoghurt, divine with a splash of oat milk.

Ingredients: Oats, coconut flakes, banana pulp, honey, maple syrup, rapeseed oil, pecan nuts (nuts), freeze dried banana, cacao nibs, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt.

Please note: this granola contains nuts.


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