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Mango & Chia Granola

Mango & Chia Granola

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Our latest creation, the Mango & Chia granola delivers sweet, nutty and tropical flavours atop a fibre-rich nutritional profile to sing about.

Tis' the season, we've all been noticing the delectable mango gracing seasonal menus and are delighted to feature it in ours.

Chewy pieces of dried mango with ribbons of coconut and crunchy chunks of house-roasted almonds dance through a fragrant bed of honey & vanilla coated jumbo oats. Vanilla and wildflower honey work together to lend a delicate aroma and gentle sweet flavour to the oats.

This granola is inspired by 'fibre' - skin-on roasted almonds, creamy jumbo oats and a good dose of pre-soaked chia seeds (we're equally familiar with the rogue chia that claims residency in one's teeth - so the pre-soaking aims to counter this). Golden linseed provides a hit of omega-3 fatty acids, and paired with a live, cultured yoghurt, we can rest easy that your tummy, tastebuds (and teeth) will be celebrating.

Its all too easy to pick out the tasty mango pieces, but we do recommend will power - its a fantastically balanced granola altogether and has been designed for a texture and flavour that pairs perfectly with natural live yoghurt (the thin kind that you find at a local farmers market is ideal).

Ingredients: Jumbo oats, wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, roasted almonds (nuts), coconut flakes, dried mango slices (sulphur dioxide), puffed amaranth, chia seeds, vanilla essence, coconut pulp, golden linseed, Himalayan salt.

Allergens in bold. This granola contains nuts


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