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Lemon Amaretti Granola

Lemon Amaretti Granola

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When life gives you lemons, make Lemon Amaretti Granola, so they say..

Bursting with the brightness of zested lemons, nuttiness of ground almonds and mystique of almond essence, this granola is as unique as it is traditionally Italian; molto. In fact, dust your bowl with icing sugar, and it essentially is an amaretti biscuit.

Our Lemon Amaretti Granola contrasts the usual warming palette-suspects of the festive season, with comparatively cold, fresher flavours. Jumbo oats and ground almonds command the base of this blend, dressed with wildflower honey, unmistakable almond essence, soft vanilla and punchy zested lemons. 

Take it from us, after twelve days of ravening with festive flavours, you'll thank yourself for ordering the Lemon Amaretti Granola. 

We love this blend 'everyday' with cold natural yoghurt, its equally delicious with sour Greek yoghurt (and a drop of lemon curd for the indulgent radical).

Note: Gift Cubes are stackable and the dimensions are 11cm x 11cm, the height is 12.5cm


Jumbo oats (gf), ground almond (nuts), wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, vanilla, Ginger, almond essence (nuts), lemon zest, Himalayan salt. Allergens in bold.


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