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Griddled Peach & Brandy Granola

Griddled Peach & Brandy Granola

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We soak peaches in pure brandy, followed by a flash searing on the griddle, followed by a second soak in brandy and cut into thin strips. The granola base is made with vanilla, honey, oats and crunchy sunflower seeds and beautifully complements the brandy soaked peaches. We recommend to serve with a spoonful of thick crème fraîche, a few slices of the brandy soaked peach slices and extra brown sugar for a delicious breakfast (or anytime!) bowl.

Please note, this granola comes with a little pouch of brandy-soaked griddled peach slices to be arranged atop the bowl.

This granola does not contain nuts but is baked in a environment that handles nuts.


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