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Fresh Ginger & Jujube Granola

Fresh Ginger & Jujube Granola

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One of our best-selling blends, Ginger & Jujube is a warming granola with honey, creamy cashew nuts, fresh grated firey ginger and big chunks of jujube fruit.

Jujube fruits are grown in South East Asia and when dried, have an interesting texture which can be soft like a marshmallow or crunchy - our granola tends to have a mix of the two. The flavour has been described as a subtle natural caramel and we love it tossed through clusters of honey and gingery oats in this granola. 

We recommend Ginger & Jujube granola with a bowl of natural yoghurt as a wonderfully satisfying afternoon or evening snack.

Ingredients: Jumbo oats, puffed millet, fresh grated ginger, cashew nuts, flaxseed, honey, rapeseed oil, jujube fruit, sea salt.

This blend contains fresh ginger which has fibrous strands that we dont filter out when grating the ginger; the strands and matted ginger fibres are completely edible! 

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