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Fig, Treacle & Hazelnut Granola

Fig, Treacle & Hazelnut Granola

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The Fig, Hazelnut & Treacle granola combines three key ingredients to evoke a certain sort of 'comfort', a 'nostalgia' - a feeling that we cant quite put our finger on.. Perhaps the Danish would adopt a description of something like Hygge.. A feeling we can only explain in flavour, texture and aroma.

Upon a crunchy base of treacle-coated jumbo oats and gently puffed quinoa, we've added smooth flakes of dried fig with tiny crunchy seeds, echoed throughout the blend with extra poppy seeds and large chunks of roasted hazelnuts. Roasted hazelnut dust, whilst invisible, plays a key role to ensure dispersing of the roasted nut flavour throughout, complemented with the subtle grounding sweetness of the black treacle, toned down with wildflower honey. 

We love this one with a sour Greek yoghurt to complement the black treacle, equally with cold fresh milk.

Jumbo oats, wildflower honey, black treacle, hazelnuts, rapeseed oil, fig flakes, puffed quinoa, poppy seeds, Himalayan salt, ground clove.

Please note, this recipe contains nuts. 

Made with gluten free, organic oats.

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