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Fig, Ginger & Poppy Seed Granola

Fig, Ginger & Poppy Seed Granola

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Fig, Ginger & Poppy Seed Granola is a classic combination, starting with a base of honey-toasted oats and puffed grains, crunchy poppy seeds, and a gentle, warming dusting of ground ginger.

We've used a combination of three of three unique fig presentations to achieve a flavour which, interestingly, is far from over-whelmingly 'fig'.

Fig jam is the first inclusion, spread through the base, with a secondary inclusion of vibrant freeze dried figs - our new favourite ingredient. Somewhat reminiscent of lucky charms in both texture, flavour and appearance, freeze-dried figs are an entirely natural and pure form of the fruit, with nothing added, but all water removed, (and well worth the month-long effort to import to Bermondsey!).

The final fig inclusion is sliced dried figs, offering a chewy, sweet punctuation, akin to a dried date in an otherwise non-sweet bowl. 

We love this granola with natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey, or simply submerged in cold milk, or generously sprinkled over a bowl of stewed apples with a spoon of creamy vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!


Gluten free oats, wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, fig jam, puffed amaranth, hulled buckwheat, poppy seeds, dried fig, freeze dried fig, coconut nectar, coconut sugar, ground ginger, vanilla, sea salt.



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