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Coffee, Date & Walnut Granola

Coffee, Date & Walnut Granola

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Utilising the our favourite culinary principle, 'add some more for good measure', this granola is, quite simply, unapologetic caffeine appropriation.

A base of thick Scottish oats and puffed British-grown quinoa is met with 2 grades of American walnut - both fine, blended walnuts for an even dispersal of flavour, and chunky halves and quarters for texture.

Next comes the 'labour of love', as we ambled down to our neighbour, Monmouth Coffee's roasting room for a bag of freshly roasted beans, and a flat white, 'for good measure'. 

Returning to discover that our coffee grinder had given up the ghost, we set about crushing the beans in a somewhat primordial display, featuring a rolling pin and bag. *May the new blender arrive before we need to bake this blend again!*

The crushed beans provide a rich, crunchy texture, complementing the smooth walnuts, and both to ensure well-dispersed flavour and for candid 'good measure', we added another half-kilo of pre-ground Monmouth coffee. 

A dressing of wildflower honey and deep, nutty rapeseed oil from our friends at Duchess Farms just north of London prepared the granola for a golden toasting in the oven, finally finished with blitzed dates, providing subtle hints of sweetness without overwhelming the pallet.

This is a 'two-bowl' kind of breakfast, be sure to reserve a second helping before starting the first. We love it with cold whole milk but have heard its equally delicious with hot milk. Why not enjoy with an espresso on the side, ‘for good measure’.

Thanks to our old baker, Beth, for developing the first iteration of this recipe back in 2021.


Gluten free oats, wildflower honey, walnuts (nuts), rapeseed Oil, Duchess Oil*, puffed British quinoa, dates, Monmouth coffee beans, cinnamon, Himalayan salt.


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