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Classic Granola Refill Subscription

Classic Granola Refill Subscription

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The Classic Granola subscription delivers a freshly-baked batch of any one of our five signature granolas in refill bags - ensuring your granola jar is topped up as often as you need. 

Firstly select your desired quantity: 500g - 10 servings or small jar, 1kg - 20 servings or medium jar, 2kg - 40 servings or large jar and 3kg provides 60 servings, perfect for the whole family.

Next choose from the best-selling classic Oat & Nut, uniquely textured Quinoa & Buckwheat, warming Chai Spiced Mulberry, rich Honey & Roasted Almond or sweet Apricot, Millet & Date (our Vegan blend). 

If you can't quite decide, select the 'Surprise Me' option for a randomised delivery of one or more of the classic blends. Please note that whilst we try ensure you receive a different blend each time, you may receive the same blend more than once.

Finally decide how often you'd like to receive your granola subscription. As with all of our subscriptions, you have total freedom to amend, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. 

All subscriptions are inclusive of postage costs. 

* Please note that updates to our website caused subscriptions purchased after 12th December 2023 to incur shipping charges at checkout! We are working to fix this but in the meantime, will manually keep an eye on new subscriptions and refund you the shipping charge as soon as we see it (please email us if we haven't refunded you for the shipping charge within 5 days of purchase!)

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