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Cinnamon, Brown Sugar & Cranberry Granola

Cinnamon, Brown Sugar & Cranberry Granola

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Dare we say Christmas has come early..?

Warming cinnamon bark, milled in house for full benefit of that sweet, aromatic and somewhat nostalgic scent is punctuated with tart cranberries both dried, puffed and dry crushed, balanced with a delicate sprinkle of brown sugar.

A perfect granola for a blustery morning, as is the promised forecast of the weather-watchers.

We love waking up to this blend on a Sunday, sprinkled over a bed of natural yoghurt, or for a late night sweet thing, sprinkled over hot baked apple with a spoon of soft vanilla ice cream melting down the side of the bowl.

Ingredients: Jumbo Oats (gf), wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, coconut sugar, hulled buckwheat, cranberries (dried), cranberries (freeze dried), crushed cinnamon quills, brown sugar, Himalayan salt.

Please note; this recipe does not contain nuts but is made in a facility that handles nuts,

Made with gluten free, organic oats.

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