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Chocolate & Bay Leaf Granola

Chocolate & Bay Leaf Granola

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Technically speaking, our Chocolate & Bay Leaf Granola falls within the Limited Edition collection as this much-loved recipe (whilst making sporadic annual appearances), is produced for a limited time and a just a limited quantity baked.

The award-winning Chocolate & Bay Leaf Granola is made with generous handfuls of crunchy cacao nibs, a medley of aromatic spices, smooth, rich cacao, hazelnut chunks and the secret, inimitable ingredient - herby shards of vibrant fresh bay leaves.

Great Taste Award Winner 2020!


As described by the Guild of Fine Food:

"Fine textured and free-running with a rich cacao, caramel and freshly herbal aroma."

"Cinnamon and nutmeg boss the nose of this chocolate nib granola. Evenly sized oats are toasted to a light crunch."

"The fresh and wholesome ingredients create a really interesting and different granola with layers of aromatics and flavour. A lovely option with a healthy, sophisticated and tasty twist."

"There is a welcome cinnamon and nutmeg sweetness mid-palate and a zip of sea salt freshness which is topped with pungent high notes of bay leaf and cardamom on the finish. A sophisticated combination of complex and intense flavours..."

"An attractive chocolate brown granola featuring clearly defined medium-sized oats, buckwheat and puffed rice grains with the odd verdant strip of dried bay leaf."

"Crisp and crunchy, this granola is much less sweet than the nose would suggest with the pronounced initial sharpness from the cacao being overtaken by a more rounded oaty creaminess and coconut richness."



Jumbo Oats (gf), wildflower honey, buckwheat, rapeseed oil, cacao nibs, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, puffed quinoa, desiccated coconut, flaked coconut, puffed rice, bay leaf, coconut sugar, cardamom, ground cinnamon, grated nutmeg, ground ginger, ground cloves, Himalayan salt.

Please note; this recipe contains nuts 



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