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Classic Enamel Mug

Classic Enamel Mug

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The quintessential white & blue enamel mug, perfect for... well, anyone, any time, any place.

The 13.5 ounce classic mug is available in two styles; the traditional clean white with a navy blue rim, or the charming heritage floral mug in navy blue.

The 5.5 ounce mini mug is our latest addition, an adorable 'child sized' classic white with blue rim - ideal for the discerning toddler's hot-chocolate, or espressos al-fresco. 

We can't begin to tell you how much we love ours; they are perfect for any production kitchen or cloddish folk too, because they don't smash if you drop them. Ingenious.

Product Care Recommendations: Wash the mug in warm soapy water before first use.  

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