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Anzac & Blush Raisin Granola

Anzac & Blush Raisin Granola

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Who doesn't love going 'off-piste' every now and again?

Conspicuous Disclaimer: Whilst 99.999% of our granola recipes are essentially, gluten 'free' (made without any gluten containing ingredients), we feel it necessary to make a noise about this granola which contains wheat flour, and therefore, gluten proteins. Moreover, 99.999% of our granola recipes are made without a trace of refined sugar (we use honey), whilst this granola does contain sugar as well as butter.

Now, with the somewhat brazen disclaimer over..

Here at Husk & Honey, we have a much-loved house style of baking Anzac biscuits; a oaty-chewy-toasted biscuit, a Saturday morning Spa Terminus highlight for many.

The base of this granola recipe initially came about when we found ourselves with an incredible Anzac surplus. We had a choice... Blitz the Anzacs and make 30 cheesecakes, or, do what we do best and call in the oats to make an Anzac granola.

Naturally, we opted for the latter..

Clusters of honey-roasted oats and Anzac biscuit crumb form big boulders in places, making this granola a pretty neat 'straight from the bag' snack option as well as a substantial breakfast. We added house-chopped hazelnuts and finished with giant, juicy 'blush' raisins, a beautiful variety of raisin from South Africa with a charming peachy flavour.

We love this blend with a splash of cold milk. Should one demonstrate reserve until this granola meets a bowl of milk, good things will happen to the milk flavour. Hint: The commercially available orange/gold cereal box containing, amongst many other things, cornflakes, sugar and nuts.


Oats, wildflower honey, rapeseed oil, hazelnuts (nuts), Anzac biscuits (flour - wheat, sugar, butter - dairy, desiccated coconut, bicarbonate of soda), blush raisins, salt. Allergens in bold.

*Please note this granola contains gluten (wheat flour) as well as sugar, butter & nuts

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