The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 11

Holidays are coming.

Hello world.

It really has felt like a re-emergence, hasn't it? We don't know about you, but we've been reconnecting with suppliers, stockists and friends of H&H like there's no tomorrow.

We were delighted to get the chance to nip up to Duchess Farms recently, and learn more about their farming practices, the future of heritage grains in Britain, and - of course - their incredible rapeseed oil that we are beyond proud to use in our granola.

What's more, we've been speaking to lots of our stockists and suppliers to understand more of what led them to where they are now, their passions, their hopes for the future...and what they would tell their former selves. The second and third of our Stockist Stories are now live, and you can find out more below.


Meet the Stockists: Fridge of Plenty & Y-ogaStore

As some degree of normality resumes, and we start to wander back into a semblance of our former schedules, you'd be forgiven for finding yourself thinking, "hang on a this what I want?"

Two people not re-entering their pre-p*ndemic lifestyles are Julia Kirby-Smith, the founder of Fridge of Plenty, and Jeni England, manager at Y-ogaStore, and stars of our most recent Stockist Stories!

"It was after the summer in the countryside in Kent that I got the inspiration to start an urban farm shop, with the focus being on locally-sourced, seasonal and sustainable food." - Julia

"This time last year I was feeling quite lost, as most people were, thinking about the prospect of a decade long career disappearing during the pandemic. But a little patience, and some lucky timing has completely transformed my life." - Jeni

Jules and Jeni are both real forces to be reckoned with, and you can find both their interviews here. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself inspired to make a drastic life change too..!

Limited Editions on Subscription

It's what you've all been waiting for - Limited Edition granola, straight to your door, every month, like clockwork.

Expanding our Subscription offering we're now delighted to introduce you to our Baker's Choice option - a fleet of three 300g bags of our seasonal and extra special Limited Edition granolas, posted direct to you, for just £22.50 per month (that's roughly 75p a breakfast!).

Our subscriptions work on a monthly rolling model, and you can cancel anytime - no fuss.

Curious? Of course you are! Sign up or read more here.

Crumble for Breakfast you say? Don't mind if we do...

We've been thrilled to start working with The London Delicatessen recently and, in addition to being all-round awesome people, they've been working on some incredible recipes featuring some of the products they stock - including ours!

Their Summer Fruit Breakfast Crumble recipe features our Cinnamon Bark & Cranberry porridge in a whole new way and, frankly, looks absolutely delicious.

Happy baking!

Hot Granola Summer

We've got some new Limited Edition blends on our shelves! (We've also decided to keep on the Pineapple, Cashew & Coconut blend because it's just too good not to...).

In July's line-up we have:

Kiwi & Coconut - A scattering of green kiwi, dried in-house, provides a special flavour and unique aesthetic to this granola; we love it on a bed of natural yoghurt or with a splash of ice cold milk.

Almond & Apricot - With a base of large puffed grains & toasted oats, bound with wildflower honey, vanilla & almond essence, this delicately textured granola is generously scattered with sweet apricot chunks, roasted almonds and - for perfect balance - baked with flakes of British sea salt.

Walnut & Green Apple - A warming, nutty base of ground walnuts are the key flavour in this granola, paired with ground cinnamon and flakes of fresh green apple, dehydrated in-house.


It looks like it's going to be a bumper crop of a Summer this year.

Be sensible. Eat well. Hug your friends. Remember to rest.

Hedié, Christine, Mabel, Marcel, & Eleanor x

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