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H&H 'At Home' Set - The Little One

H&H 'At Home' Set - The Little One

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Choose your Granola
Add a jar of British Honey?
Add a bag of Limited Edition Granola?

Our H&H at Home kits are designed to bring you everything we think you could need in a neat little box to make the most out of well deserved mornings at home.

The Little One:

The Little H&H at Home is perfect for one or two people, and contains:

  • A 450g carton of our Classic Granola - choose from either Oat & Nut, Quinoa & Buckwheat, Chai Spiced Mulberry, Honey & Almond or Apricot, Millet & Date
  • One of our small glass granola jars
  • A granola scoop to give you the perfect portion
  • A granola jar label to keep your pantry in order

Optionally, choose to add:

  • A half pound jar of gorgeous Adlard's Honey - perfect for drizzling..
  • A 200g/500g surprise bag of Limited Edition Granola

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