Granola Baking Workshops

This summer, we are delighted to present an exclusive series of granola making workshops at the bakery!



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All workshops will take place from 9am - 3.30pm on Saturday mornings at our bakery in Bermondsey, London.


In Support of Ukraine

On 24th February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine using missiles, artilery and aviation. 8 years ago, Russia annexed the Ukranian territory of Crimea and invaded the Donbas region.

They have since intensified efforts to destabilise Ukraine and will keep going until stopped by a substancial military resistance.

Source: come back alive

All proceeds from our workshops are going directly to support Ukraine and its communities who have been affected by the war.

Viika, 23, joined our team in May, days after a dangerous journey to the UK for refuge. Meanwhile, her country and childhood memories were being bombed. Viika spent her 23rd birthday in a bomb shelter.

We are volunteering time, space, expertise & ingredients to ensure 100% of proceeds from our workshops go to support urgent Ukrainain initiatives as identified by Viika. See below for more detail on these initiatives.

Slava Ukraini!