The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 9

Looking back, looking forward.

We are witnessing a crime against humanity.

Probably not what you expected to read in a newsletter from a granola bakery, but we do not exist in isolation. There is a crisis in India, the depth of devastation and trauma of which we can only imagine, sitting here 5,000 miles away.

The majority of our team have spent significant time working and travelling in India, we have been touched, inspired and fallen in love there, and we have friends and loved ones across the country who are sick, who are trying to find ICU beds for family members, and who are scared.

We have donated as individuals and, throughout May, we will also send 100% of the profits from our Chai Spiced Mulberry granola, and our Turmeric, Roast Banana & Cashew granola to verified funds working locally in India to provide - frankly - whatever is needed.

You can read Arundhati Roy's long-read, published in The Guardian on April 28th and entitled "We are witnessing a crime against humanity", here.


Currently Baking

Turning back to business operations, we have - as ever - a delicious new range of Limited Edition granolas for you this month.

Cooling on the baking trays now we have;

Blueberry & Rice - A newly developed blend, made with light puffed rice, blueberries, clusters of aromatic vanilla-baked oats and beautiful blue cornflowers.

Triple Nut & Cranberry - One for the nut lovers, this nutty blend is packed full of earthy ground walnuts, roasted walnut chunks, rich pecans and roasted hazelnuts, and is punctuated by tart cranberries and rich dates.

Turmeric, Roast Banana & Cashew - This vibrant blend is beautiful paired with a bowl of natural yoghurt, and offers a delicious balance of turmeric, chai masala, creamy cashew nuts and slices of chewy roasted banana. Throughout the month of May we will be donating 100% of the profits from our Turmeric, Roast Banana & Cashew granola to the Indian COVID Emergency Appeal.

These Limited Editions are now available from the website, or direct from the bakery.

Waste Not, Want Not

In addition, we're pleased to bring you a new cereal product!

A grown-up take on a much loved breakfast 'guilty pleasure' (we won't name names); Puffed Multigrains with Cacao Shell Flour.

Made with cacao shell flour, a natural by-product from the bean to bar chocolate-making process from our neighbours Lucocoa, these delicious puffed grains have a malt-y, chocolate-y taste, and are perfect with a splash of ice-cold milk.

If you love our honey-glazed puffed rice, you'll love these.

From our ovens, to your shelves

People ask, we deliver. Starting from this month, we'll be offering small quantities of our Limited Edition granola for wholesale!

Chocolate & Bay Leaf available in Chichester, Date & Walnut in Deal, Pear & Roasted Hazelnut in Portobello Road - the sky's the limit.

If you're an existing stockist, or you would like to be, drop Christine an email on for details.


And that's this month. Enjoy each other. Be kind.

Hedié, Christine, Mabel, Siannon, Marcel, Eleanor & Nancy x

p.s. This month's lead photography was taken by Christine, in Connaught Place, New Delhi on the 1st February 2020.

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