The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 8

April 12th can't come soon enough.

Silly Season Cometh.

We don't know about you, but we feel like there's been a cosmic shift. A seismic re-balance. Or even just a subtle re-alignment. It's almost definitely due to the weather, and the fact we're allowed to see more than one friend at a time, but it's undeniable and oh, so welcome.

Without further ado...


Currently Baking

The kitchen has been busy over the last couple of weeks, with product samples coming out almost daily, and the team running about wide-eyed, animated, and clearly in the middle of the most mythical of creative states - flow.

So, fresh out of the ovens now we have;

Pure Apricot - A love letter to apricots, made with sweet dried apricots soaked in fresh blood orange flesh and almond milk, baked into honey-bound oats and finished with a sprinkle of poppy seeds and aromatic vanilla.

Pandan & Gula Malacca - Our headliner, and labour of love. A grassy (think Matcha), soft, sweet flavour profile with hints of vanilla, jasmine, and coconut, topped off with a touch of Gula Malacca sugar shavings for an extra bit of depth, and treacle-y richness.

Plus! A return of fan-favourite, and Great Taste Award Winner, Chocolate & Bay Leaf; no introduction needed.

These Limited Editions are now available from the website, or direct from the bakery. Enjoy!

Dust off the Patio Furniture

For all of our wonderful stockists who are going to be able to throw their metaphorical doors open and welcome back customers to sit down outside, watch the world go by, and order fabulous food and drink... we are so, so happy for you.

Back in the old days, we used to supply a lot of cafes and delis with granola in bulk, for breakfast bowls and snack pots - so, if you'd like to pick up where we left off, or want to get in on the action - do get in touch!

Friends of Friends of Friends

Considering we don't get out much these days, it's been a thrill to digitally connect with so many absolute gems of companies over the last few weeks.

We're working on collaboration blends with Avantcha Tea, we've recently launched a local bike delivery service with Hugo's Eco-Delivery, we're excitedly waiting for the launch of The London Delicatessen, and we were very pleased to provide the breakfast for the recent Parfum Collection launch from V by Laura Vann jewellery. Phew.

If you've got an idea, a project, or just want to get to know us a little better, please do write to say hi - it'd make our day.


That's all for now folks!

Stay well, stop and smell the roses when you can, and don't forget the sunscreen / snow boots.

Hedié, Christine, Mabel, Siannon, Jorge & Marcel x

p.s. This month's lead photography is another from the talented Safia Shakarchi

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