The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 2

Monthly Granola, an extra-Special Blend, and a well needed break.


Autumn is definitely here in all its glory, and we're taking the opportunity to dust off our best corduroy, line up The Crown on Netflix and stock our home cupboards full of treats. Little bears preparing for hibernation, if you will.

However, that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! So, without further ado, this month's inside stories from the arch...


Granola Subscriptions are live

It's been a long time coming, but our new monthly Granola Subscriptions are now live and ready to go! With three sizes to choose from, and the option to have either our Signature Classic blends or Limited Editions delivered to your door every month, there really is something for everyone.

We've always been floored by our H&H loyalists and can't wait to keep your cupboards fully stocked, month in month out.

You can find out more about the Subscriptions here, or sign up straight from the website from just £19 a month.


Continuing the theme of bedding down for Winter, we're delighted to bring you our H&H at Home kit box, full of everything you need to keep the home fires burning (or have indulgent mid-afternoon or midnight snacks, we're not judging).

Each pack contains a pillow bag of our Classic Granola, a glass jar to keep it fresh, a surprise bag of Limited Edition granola, an optional half pound of delicious Adlard's Honey, a jar label and a granola scoop - completing the coffee shop experience, right from the comfort of your own home.

The H&H at Home kit boxes start at £32 (with free P&P in the UK), and also make gorgeous gifts for loved ones near, and far.

British Orchard Apple & Golden Raisin, exclusively at Selfridges

After launching in Selfridges & Co. over the Summer, we were delighted to have them commission their very own exclusive blend! Inspired by their #ProjectEarth values, and the bounty of incredible British fruit in season, we developed British Orchard Apple & Golden Raisin Granola.

Using the finest apples from Brogdale Farms, home to the National Fruit Collection, and a comforting blend of fresh ground spices and juicy Golden Raisins, the blend is a perfect match to both the Selfridges & Co. food hall experience, and the turn of the seasons.

You'll be able to shop the blend exclusively with Selfridges & Co. over the coming weeks, either in store, or online.

Great Taste Award winners 2020

In other exciting news, two of our blends won Great Taste awards this year!

Delighted to say that both our Chocolate & Bay Leaf Granola and Maple, Pecan & Roast Banana Granola blends were picked out by the judges, with them commenting -

Chocolate & Bay Leaf: "There is a welcome cinnamon and nutmeg sweetness mid-palate and a zip of sea salt freshness which is topped with pungent high notes of bay leaf and cardamom on the finish....Crisp and crunchy, this granola is much less sweet than the nose would suggest with the pronounced initial sharpness from the cacao being overtaken by a more rounded oaty creaminess and coconut richness. "

Maple, Pecan & Roast Banana: "A good crispy oat texture which is complemented by the slightly chewy banana and the tasty toasted coconut. There's a warming cinnamon flavour in there too, which is great. This granola feels well-made and has the perfect level of sweetness." -

Both these blends are available online, but get to them quick! Stocks with our Limited Editions are, well, limited.

Behind the Brand

As if it hasn't been enough of a bumper month already, the wonderful team at Maker's Met wrote a gorgeous profile piece on founder Hedié; diving deeper into the origins of the business, as well as giving a sneak peek into some of the inner workings of the production side of the kitchen..

Open to new Stockists

Last but not least, we're very pleased to say that our ovens are open to new Stockists!

Whether you're a general goods store looking for retail boxes, a neighbourhood coffee shop wanting to serve up some tasty granola bowls, a zero waste retailer looking for granola in bulk, or a bespoke delivery box service, we've got products to suit.

Wholesale information can be found on the site, or you can contact us with any queries.


As a final note, we're going to be taking a week off! The team have worked night and day over the last six months, and we think a little recharge is definitely in order to make sure we're all fighting fit and ready for the new season.

The bakery will be closed from Sunday 18th October, and we'll be back in on Monday 26th October. You'll still be able to pre-order all your favourites while we're away, and baking and shipping will resume from the 26th.

Until we speak again -

Hedié, Christine, Mabel, Andrew & Roman

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