The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 17

Three full months into the new year - and how many newsletters have we missed?! Time really flies. We all remember the flurry of Christmas chaos, days spent cradling mugs of tea, Christmassy granola blends and the not-so-snowy season, just like it was yesterday.

The concept of time is becoming funny to comprehend – it is now flying-running. But if there is something that makes us proud to champion each day, it is the permanency of the good memories we make in the process. Days seem easier, and life feels better when we are living in the moment – navigating daily schedules on our terms – a certain perquisite for those of us working from home.

The concept of time then seems relatively fairer and easier to understand – there's greater relish in living your life both 'well' and ‘for yourself’. Live in the moment, notice things you take for granted, and whether its a Granola Subscription, just for you, or anything else, be mindful to do something for you each day.

Spotify for Spring

The lawnmowers are roaring, three cornered leeks grow wild to line the parks and the air smells different. The best (in our humble opinion) of the seasons is on its way. How do you plan to make the most of it?

One idea is to simply take a walk at sundown, notice light peeking through the ephemeral blossoms, rosemary plants with their blue flowers, and bushes of aromatic gorse.

We too are feeling the magic of spring, and its inspired our latest series of teammate playlists – the perfect soundtrack to all manner of sunny evening activities - especially a short afternoon walk.

Take a leap of faith - grab some headphones and have a listen!

Rita’s Groovy Tunes

Yashila’s Good Feel

Our tribute to Christine Rosemary’s Haircut

Max’s Marylebone

Our tribute to 'tasking' Tasking

Still to come.. Hedie and Eleanor's playlists..

Limited Editions

The herald of Spring brings with it a line-up of new Limited Edition blends.

Yellow Fruit Salad GranolaFor when you're avoiding the nuts - A light blend of jumbo oats and puffed brown rice, with chunks of pineapple, apricot, golden raisins, coconut flakes, banana chips & a hint of orange blossom oil for a subtle citrus note.

Chocolate & Red Fruit GranolaOne for Sophisticated Pallets - hearty clusters of oats, generously dusted with rich cacao and crunchy cacao nibs. Brandy soaked cranberries & blitzed cherries are baked into the base with an extra handful of sour cranberries and roasted almonds to finish.

Turmeric & Mixed Nut GranolaOne for the adventurous - we know turmeric can be a crowd-splitter, trust us that this blend with its hint of turmeric is truly delicious: Generously incorporated banana chips that are pulverised and re-roasted, a modest sprinkle of crunchy cacao nibs and a heavy hand of roasted nuts - pecans, brazils, almonds, hazels and walnuts.

Apple & Blackcurrant GranolaOne for British Summer - A classic combination of Apple & Blackcurrant, this granola tastes exactly like British Spring feels: fresh, exciting, and complex.

Lemon & Blueberry Granola - One for Easter – Only available from the bakery itself, this blend is made with lemon zest, lemon juice, jasmine green tea, dried blueberries and blue cornflowers. Blink and it can be missed.. [Update 25.4.22 - sold out].

Rosewater & Apple Blossom Granola - One for the Flower Children - This aromatic granola evokes the aroma of pink rose buds with every bite. Oats and puffed wholegrains, infused with rosewater are tossed in wildflower honey, with roasted almond flakes and apple chips scattered throughout. Rose petals adding a luxurious kick. [Update 25.4.22 - sold out].

Pecan & Cranberry GranolaOne for Fresh Mornings – Rich and earthy, this nutty granola packs a punch with tart cranberry pieces tossed in with toasted pecan chunks.

Coconut & Hibiscus GranolaOne for Caribbean Nostalgia - Naturally sweetened with coconut and honey, this granola builds on its oat and coconut-pulp base with thin slices of desiccated coconut, puffed grains, and tart dried hibiscus petals. Ideal scooped over tropical flavoured yoghurts, like coconut or mango.

Apricot, Almond & Greek Nectarine GranolaOne for Sun drenched kitchens  - A vibrant blend of apricots, almonds & rare Greek nectarines slices as the star. A gentle, fruity flavour, making it a perfect pairing for a spoon of thick, sour Greek yoghurt. [Update 25.4.22 - sold out].

Comings and Goings

People come and people go – but the memories we make with them always stay (in the arch and in our hearts!)

Last month we bid adieu to Rosa who is on to new escapades in energy and Beth who’ll be stopping over in Switzerland before journeying to Poland to help cook for Ukrainians – we wish them luck and encouragement in their new ventures.

Last month, we’ve also welcomed the lovely Rita - greenfingered Brazilian powerhouse with a passion for food, and Max, a musical gem from Scotland, Interestingly, Max is the brother of Shani's boyfriend - Shani used to work with us on Saturdays for quite some time. Welcome Rita & Max!

Finding solutions – one step at a time

This one is for all our international clients who have been following up with us to check if we have resumed shipping overseas.

We are now done scratching our heads, going over rate cards and finally narrowing down on numbers – numbers that seem to keep changing just as we settle on them.

We tried to reinstate overseas shipping and it was a bigger challenge than we had expected. We all know why.. All of a sudden we encountered lengthy admin processes and a rise in rates. Perhaps we should have expected it..

We have managed to reinstate shipping to many European countries now. A full list can be found on this page.

Thanks for your patience and encouragement, we look forward to shipping our products to people all over the world again!


Leaving you with a little reminder to live well and for yourself in the coming months.

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