The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 16

Granola Husk and Honey

We're easy like Sunday morning

Wishing you a Happy 2022!


New Year.. 'New You'.. Really?

It's a New Year, but does there really have to be a.. 'new you'?

We asked the team here at H&H what they hoped 2022 would have in store and we got answers spanning from 'stability', 'security', 'less stressful' and a unanimous chorus; 'easier'. The overarching feeling was the want for ease. We all know that the pressure of advertisers encouraging a 'new you' is definitely not cutting it anywhere close to being stable, less stressful and easy!

So in that case, perhaps, we needn't be searching down the back of the sofa for the perfect abs that may or may not have fallen down there, and rather than reinventing ourselves, just focus on the little things to make life less onerous wherever we can. In shifting the New Year's grand gestures from the great to the small, could a granola subscription contribute beneficially to the early January mornings? All our classic granolas are available on subscription, as well as the newly released 'bakers choice' limited edition box.

The key to keeping it easy

Life is full of opportunities, especially to give you what you want.

Beth, who leads production at H&H, was having a less-than-easy time lifting 25 kilo cans of honey every time she was developing the new granola recipes; this was routinely multiple times a day (well, we all love a Limited Edition granola!). It was stressful, she got sore, we knew there must be another way - we paused to think - an easier way..

Voila! As of the New Year, we've installed a neat honey tank with a super-convenient tap! Now all Beth has to do is effortlessly turn on / off the tap with a (complacent) smile on her face.

There's no way of pretending life isn't full of tough, long-winded complications. We implore everyone to solve just one, and reward the time and effort you've saved by enjoying a slow, undisturbed bowl of granola - morning or evening.

Finding Ourselves

The ethos at H&H has always been to bring to you the absolute best in quality ingredients - honey, oats, spices, fruits, nuts and everything else we can get our hands on. But - with a twist! What's the point of having all of these incredible ingredients if we don't get creative with them?

We are proud of disrupting the boundaries of traditional recipes with our past granola combinations - think of Pandan, Matcha & Gula Malacca Granola or our Honey & Sumac Granola; we love them! But the fun is to keep pushing the boundaries and so we have collectively decided to change our approach to Limited Editions as of the New Year, in the spirit of making things 'easier', switching from monthly specials to seasonal runs for a three full months.

This means that you get more time to discover and enjoy our Limited Edition blends, whilst we can get even deeper in creating these blends - researching, testing, sourcing, roasting, pouring and most importantly, reflecting & laugh to formulate new granola flavours to really twist one's melon!

New Limited Editions

Continuing in that vein, we had an unexpected flurry of orders over the New Year which saw many of the planned limited edition blends sell out much faster than expected! First and foremost, thank you for your support, and we hope you are really enjoying them. Whilst the test kitchen makes final tweaks to a new fleet of granola blends (you'll be first to hear when released!), we've whipped up some new flavours to see you through these few days...

Courgette & Cacao Nib Granola *good stock* - Thinly sliced flakes of courgette, and small, aromatic cacao nibs. A handful of Brazil nuts provide added crunch. It's courgettes (Jim), but not as you know them.

White Chocolate & Golden Berry Granola *last few bags* - Zesty golden berries (also called cape gooseberries) are freeze-dried and then carefully crushed into smaller pieces to distribute their sharp, tangy flavour. We add a generous amount of almond brittle (almonds roasted whole in honey and then chopped up) and top up with vegan-approved white chocolate from our friends and neighbours Lucocoa for added sweetness.

Date & Walnut *good stock* - A wonderfully classic pairing, this granola is made with crisp, honey-bound oat clusters, chewy clumps of baked dates that provide unexpected sweetness, and a nutty warmth from chopped, roasted walnuts.

Oat & Marmalade *last few bags* - A sophisticated addition to our granola collection, the marmalade and oat tastes pleasantly fresh and sweet to start, leaving a lasting creamy taste from the oats.

Pecan, Chocolate & Banana *good stock* - A decadent combination, this granola comes with generous chunks of banana chips, crispy pecan nuts and an explosion of texture and taste from soft dry banana slices.

A little addition to the team

With Christine's departure there was a seat open at the table and we're delighted to welcome Yashila to the mix. Hailing from Hyderabad and now completing a Masters at Goldsmiths, Yashila is also co-founder of sustainable clothing brand ILAMRA (as if she isn't kept busy enough already..!)


Leaving you with a little reminder to keep it easy in the coming months.

Hedié, Eleanor, Beth, Rosa & Yashila x

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