The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 15

It's all fun and games until someone drops an oat sack.

The party's on, the feeling's here...

Like it or loathe it, we're all in now for Christmas! The tree is going up and the lights are coming down from the attic; it's go time.

Our Festive Limited Editions are now coming in hot off the racks, and are winging their way to all of who you Pre Ordered (thank you). For those who didn't Pre Order, the products are now LIVE on the site and in our bakery shop for you to take home immediately.


A Lot of Bottle

We've lost our minds entirely and are giving you everything you need* to bake a batch of our absolute cult favourite Anzac Biscuits, right from your kitchen.

We figured that, seeing as Christmas falls on a Saturday this year and so many of you will be missing out on your usual Spa Terminus treat, why not bring the biscuits into your home for you to still enjoy fresh?

Our Anzac Biscuit Baking Bottle is £8.50, makes the perfect gift (for someone else, or for yourself - no-ones judging) and is available to buy now!

*You'll need some butter!

Holiday Dates

On the business end of things, our cut off date for Christmas delivery is midnight on Monday 20th December for both Wholesale and Customer orders. The last courier will leave the bakery on Tuesday 21st December, on an Express24 service.

Any orders received after that point will still be processed, but will not be sent from the bakery until after the Holidays.

You can find more detail about the Christmas dates, including when the bakery will be open for collection and shopping, here.


It's been an exciting time lately, as we've been working behind the scenes with the team from DELLI; a brand new to market app that is, essentially, Depop for food. The team are great, the idea is excellent, and put it this way - we've already signed up to get first pick of the launch drops!

You can find our mini-feature in their #DELLIkitchenchronicles here and our big photo at the top comes courtesy of their excellent photographer Bronia Stewart (we're not sure what had just said but it looks like it might've been cheeky).

Out with the Old (Girl)

Not that we like to end on a sad note but it's actually time to bid a bit of a farewell! Christine, pictured above, frequent flyer around the bakery and actually typing these very words, is leaving Team H&H for adventures new, so this will be the last Bulletin she (I!) will get to write to you.

It's been a real privilege, and I hope you've enjoyed the words x.


Happy Holidays from all of us, to all of you. 2021, you've been wild.

Hedié, Christine, Beth, Rosa & Davia x

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