The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 13

You say, "Goodbye" and I say, "Hello, hello, hello"..

All Change.

The days are wetter, the evenings are darker and - whilst Autumn is arguably not our favourite season - we're looking forward to the opportunities it could bring, and trying to see the silver-linings. Fire pits on the patio. Stewed fruit. An abundance of hot chocolate. Fireworks. Bake Off.

Perhaps it's not all bad.


Comings & Goings

They say a change can be as good as a rest - whilst we're not sure that whoever penned this has actually *lived through* a proportionally huge change of staff in a scaling business, we appreciate the sentiment.

This month we've said a very sad goodbye to Mabel, Marcel and Eleanor, who are going on to focus on college, develop their architecture practice and work in the costume department of the Royal Opera House respectively (who knew we had such a wealth of diverse talent in the arch..).

However, we've also welcomed Beth - who will now be leading production of our well-loved recipes as well as developing new ones with Hedié, and Davia, joining us for data management and finance (yes, it’s a big job in itself!)

We're also in the final stages of welcoming a new Operations Assistant on board, so will have another new smiling face to introduce you to, before too long.

Fill Up Your Bowl

Ready for the colder months (have we mentioned the weather yet?) we've got a host of new Limited Editions coming your way for October, as well as some new variations on some well-loved cupboard staples..

Honey & Almond Granola - Our beloved Honey & Almond house blend granola has been inducted into the Classics range! Now available all year round, and in our permanent retail livery, this is a perfect base blend for extravagant granola bowls, baking with, and - in all honesty - has become a classic for a reason.

Big Porridges - We like porridge and we cannot lie, and what's better than our 250g porridge bags? A 600g porridge bag! Stay stocked up for longer with our new larger packs, and keep the hungry wolf from the door.

Hello Limited Editions...

Roasted Pumpkin & Spice Granola - Yes, yes, yes. We know. But if it tastes this good, who are we to roll our eyes? Fresh pumpkin puree runs through this so-Autumnal-it-hurts blend, and is married with just the right balance of spices, pumpkin seeds (what else) and nuts for added bite.

Apple & Blackcurrant Granola - Classic flavours married with a touch of H&H finesse. This blend is radiant with the bright taste of apples, warmed by freshly ground spices, and peppered with zingy, tart blackcurrants. We see a bowl of poached fruit, lashings of rich custard, and a great big handful (who's looking) of this granola over the top. Heaven.

Sweet & Salty Miso Apple Granola - It's back! This granola is made using a miso made with British-grown fava beans for a rich umami flavour, and is paired with sweet apple pulp and apple chips. Delicious over the thickest yogurt you can find (and unmistakably more-ish..)

Bulletin Back Catalogue

Enjoy our monthly ramblings? Looking for something to read on your begrudging commute? All of our Bakery Bulletin back catalogue can now be found online in our Journal! (But if you're reading this here, you already know that...)

Immortalised, as is only proper.


Phew. That was a long one. Speak soon!

Hedié, Christine, Beth & Davia x

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