The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 12

It's all feeling very 'back to school' isn't it?

It's been a minute!

We hope you've all had a good August? The Husk & Honey team took to the open road for a few days, taking some much-needed rest and rejuvenation after what has been, without question, a non-stop, 18-month rollercoaster for all.

We scattered ourselves across the country - surfing in Cornwall, paddle-boarding in Wales and road-tripping in Scotland. It's been bliss, but we're back now and the ovens are roaring.

This month, we've a few new Limited Edition cereals for you to get your teeth into, and a couple of new Stockist Stories. Fairly lightweight, to ease ourselves into September and what truly feels like a new school year.


Limited Edition Cereals

Of course, the first thing we did when we threw the bakery doors open again was get into the kitchen, and we've some delicious new blends for you to try!

Almond Butter & Peach Granola - Smooth almond butter, roasted almonds and that unmistakable marzipan-y aroma of almond essence feature prominently in this oat granola, with slices of delicate dried peach throughout.

Apple & Roast Hazelnut Granola - The perfect start to a crisp morning, this granola is packed full of the flavours of British Apples - with puffed amaranth grain, roasted hazelnut, hemp and poppy seeds, warming spices and generous handfuls of raisins and dehydrated apple slices.

Wildflower Honey & Hibiscus Oat Clusters - Something slightly different to end the ‘Summer’ - chunky snacking oat clusters, generously dressed in wildflower honey, with coconut, delicate puffed grains and tart dried hibiscus petals.

As ever, our Limited Editions are only available while stocks last but, don't forget, our Baker's Choice granola subscription - the very height of convenience - contains three different exclusive blends every month and often includes the current Limited Edition granolas.

Tales from the East (Anglia)

With roots in Essex and Suffolk, we're always fond of stockists (or suppliers) from that corner of our green and pleasant land, and this month is no exception!

We recently spoke with David from Quaff East in Beccles and Ania from Frederic's in Cambridge about launching businesses in lockdown, their respective love of great food and the genuine importance of community.

Coffee break reading if you ask me...

Events? Events!

As a final quick note, we'll be starting to (re)launch our breakfast bar service in September!

After what feels like an eternity, we'll be back on the road and serving up our sorely missed breakfast pots to whoever would like them - if you have a co-working space, office or are planning an event and would like a little H&H magic sprinkled over proceedings drop Christine a line on and we'll see what we can do.



Hedié, Christine, Mabel, Marcel & Eleanor x

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