The Bakery Bulletin | Vol. 18

We're back & baking!

I say consistent as ever, consistently inconsistent? We've changed a lot since we last graced your inboxes, but we never stopped baking. New faces, new recipes, same ethos. The one thing that will never change, is our love and commitment in providing you with the best, freshest granola, that we can bake.

We've said farewell to some long-standing pillars at Husk & Honey, but as the sun sets on their journey, it rises in glorious summery fashion over new members of the team. Introducing.. Della - our new business development whizz, as well as Olivia - our operations extraordinaire, together keeping us stocked up and ready to spring your granola dreams into reality. Fancy joining the league? We do have a baker vacancy at the moment, skip to the end to see more..

Onto more traditional 'newsletter' news, this month, we've an brand new and exclusive series of summer workshops, right here at the Husk & Honey bakery that we can't wait to kickstart (keep reading for an exclusive discounted booking code) as well as a wild line up of new granola flavours for you to get your teeth into.


Current Limited Edition Blends

The bakery is in full blazing swing, whipping up a storm of exciting new flavours. Alongside our steadfast collection of classic granola flavours, we are currently invigorating the ovens with these charmers:

Fig, Honey & Ginger Granola - Fresh out the oven for a 4th and final bake owing to its popularity, this granola boasts a medley of textures over the lingering warmth of freshly grated ginger and wildflower honey: Clusters of substantial jumbo oats, chopped almonds & fig three ways... Blink and you'll miss it!

Honey, Apple & Green Tea Granola - Starring crushed puffed rice, crunchy dried apple and milled green tea - so fresh, and so clean! A foray into the 'crisp' cereal family, a perfect carrier for the delicate notes of green tea, yet still holding substantial roots as an oat-based granola.

Orange, Clove & Goji Berry Granola - Like sunshine in a bowl, this zesty blend commands a place on every discerning summer breakfast spread. With citrus-y overtones of orange zest, goji berries and sweet golden raisins, rich undertones of spicy clove, cardamom and ginger, the flavours meet on a base of thick Scottish oats, tossed in honey, in a slow, long oven bake.

Pecan Butter & Brittle Granola - There's a reason why Canadians rave about maple syrup and the British rave about brittle... They are real treats for the soul. The crunchy candied pecans and our homemade pecan butter sweeten the earthy flavours present, creating a flavour profile with sweet, fat, and roasted undertones. Whatever side of the pond you're on, you're gonna love this.

White Chocolate, Orange & Goji Berry Granola - A granola that encapsulates zest, freshness, and subtle bitter notes into a lively blend. Seems perfect, no? Generous inclusions of puffed rice – blended and whole - give this granola a light, crunchy texture with powerful kicks of sour goji berries, and flecks of zesty orange to offer a delightfully fresh, palette-tingling experience.

Coconut & Hibiscus Granola - Ok, we hear you, the Coconut & Hibiscus Granola makes a comeback. A sweet, fragrant coconut base with vibrant inclusions of tart red hibiscus flower petals, scattered light-handedly to compliment the sweetness with a sour surprise every now and then.

As ever, our Limited Editions are only available while stocks last (online and instore), so grab them while you can.


Learn the Tricks of the Trade - Summer workshops at H&H!

And finally, the BIG news! We have established a working partnership with 'WeCanDoo' who are launching in the UK this summer, to bring you a brand new series of granola baking workshops. Learn with us and from us, as you venture into the premium baking game - become your very own granola pro!

We have 2 different workshops in place: From the 29th July and every last Saturday of the month, we have a 3 hour (11am - 2pm) workshop, where you will learn to create and bake your own tray of granola. Once the granola base is baking, enjoy a taster session of our different blends. You'll use this information to select the ingredients you want to add to your creation, to treat your taste buds how you see fit.

Also from the 5th August and every first Saturday of the month, learn the secrets of making our popular ANZAC biscuits (11am - 12.30pm). Giving you all the tools you need to make your own supply of buttery goodness, whenever you fancy accompanying that brew with the perfect snack!

Click here to book your workshop place!

Use code: DEHE96 for a 10% discount off your workshop experiences. All workshops can be privatised. Email us for any questions answered.


Want to join our stellar team? We're looking for a new baker.

Are you a passionate, hard-working individual? Love working as part of a team, with new ideas to boost a business? Have at least 2 years kitchen experience and are looking for a fresh challenge? Well look no further. We are currently looking for a new baker to join the team, on a part-time basis.

If you are interested in the opportunity or know someone who is, then send an email to Attach a copy of your CV, and any other relevant information, and we'll get back to you with more details.

We can't wait to hear from you, and wish you all the best of luck with the process!


Ciao for now!

Hedié, Della, Olivia, Viika, Yashila & Eleanor x

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