Meet the Stockists: Frederic's

Born in the heart of the pandemic, Frederic's is a French-style delicatessen nestled in a picture-perfect Grade II listed building next to Cambridge's Magdalene College with a focus on simple but generous food, the kinds of which live spread across the kitchen dining tables of our dreams...

We spoke to Ania de Laage, partner of the Frederic, about their story so far.

How did you start with your business?

Perhaps like a lot of people, Frederic’s was started when we were looking to move out of London; we were given a big push to look beyond the city by lockdown cabin fever!

When we found what is now our stunning space in Cambridge on Magdalene Street, we were immediately struck by how special the location was - a peaceful haven on the river Cam.  We wanted to create a food shop all about simplicity; fresh farmhouse eggs, beautiful fruit and vegetables, cheeses and treats to provide easy meals around which people can come together at home to spend time together.

What have you learnt over the years, when it comes to running a small business?

We’ve learnt that we want to adapt and meet our customers ever more on shared values; to find better ways of supporting the environment through our food choices and the power we actually have individually to change things.

And not forgetting a big one – always try to make the process a joyful one!

How have you and the business had to flex with COVID? What does post-lockdown look like for you?

Starting a new business in a full pandemic with repeated lockdowns is far from ideal, so it’s a very soft opening, but we have tried to focus on the opportunities it has offered us, and keep believing!

Where did you first come across H&H? What made you choose to stock H&H?

We discovered Husk & Honey at Spa Terminus, where there are so many independent producers that we love and source for our shop. We just simply love the granolas and we want to work with people we really like!

What's your personal favourite H&H product?

The Limited Edition Turmeric, Cashew & Roast Banana granola is amazing, and I love the classic Quinoa & Buckwheat granola too.

What other products from your store do you love shouting from the rooftops about?

It has to be… Yogurt from Kappacasein (just wonderful), Water Kefirs from London Fermentary (beautiful) and Blood Orange & Campari jam from England Preserves (heaven).

What goes into your selection of products for your store?

We are choosing artisan produce as we want to work with independent producers and support this movement wholeheartedly. We want quality, no chemicals and as little intervention as possible, but more broadly this means partnering with suppliers we share values with where the entire supply chain has sustainable goals, and we feel that together we can make a difference.

What are you currently excited about?

We’re excited to feel part of something really important, to be part of the change that is possible where suppliers can reach open-minded customers through our shop. We hope to keep growing and supporting new brilliant producers!

What do you wish you could have told yourself this time last year?

Creating good things takes time.

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