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The Limited Edition Granola Box (For the Family)

The Limited Edition Granola Box (For the Family)

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The Limited Edition Box contains granola from our currently baking collection, a range of uniquely flavoured granolas, made with rare, seasonal and specially sourced ingredients. 

Our Limited Edition granola range is ever changing, though we *sometimes*, with a few customer nudges, will fire up production of an old favourite. Click here to see past examples. 

We usually have 3-4 Limited Edition recipes on the go at any one time and this subscription contains a total of 3kg granola, made up of granolas in various quantities from this collection.

Again, with the Limited Edition Granola subscription, you can set the frequency of deliveries for any time period you like, as well as being able to add any extra products to your delivery through your subscriptions 'account managing' profile. Just drop us a message if you need a hand doing that and one of the team will be here to help you out.

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