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Honey & Roast Almond Granola - Clearance

Honey & Roast Almond Granola - Clearance

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Quality: This batch has been identified to contain Roast Buckwheat (small brown nibs), that have turned very hard in the oven. Flavour and shelf life are still good however caution is recommended on sensitive teeth. 

We recommend for use in smoothies or for making granola butter! 


Our house granola, made with golden oat clusters and roasted almonds.

Developed as a lighter cereal, our Honey & Almond granola is a versatile blend featuring a base of toasted oat clusters, roasted almond pieces and subtle notes of wildflower honey.


Gluten-free jumbo oats, blossom honey, rapeseed oil, chopped roasted almonds, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, puffed millet, ground cinnamon, coconut pulp, Himalayan rose salt.

Nutritional and Allergen information

This granola is baked with certified gluten-free oats, and does not contain any added refined sugars. However please note that we do handle nuts in our bakery.

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