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Freshly baked granola, delivered straight from our ovens to your door.


The "For Us" Box is the next size up in our Subscriptions, consisting of 2kg fresh granola, (40 servings) and is perfect for two people sharing the subscription.

How it works  

Our monthly subscriptions are billed on the 1st of the month, baked on the 5th and sent out on the 6th to arrive at your home the next working day.

The 'For Us' subscription is £30 per month.

Blend Options

With the 'For Me' option, you can select 2kg of any of our Classic granolas; the classic Oat & Nut, delicious Quinoa & Buckwheat, warming Chai Spiced Mulberry, rich Honey & Roasted Almond or delicate Apricot & Millet (our Vegan Classic!).

Alternatively, choose the ‘Classics Mixed Case’ option to receive a surprise delivery of 2 x 1kg of our signature Classic granolas each month.

All subscriptions are sent out with free postage and packaging in the UK.
You can find our Subscription FAQs here

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