Collection: 'For Me' Subscriptions

Granola Subscriptions

Created to give you the ultimate freedom, flexibility and control whether you are a loyal to the steadfast 'classic' collection, or love discovering our new flavours...

We have three sizes for you to choose from; 'For Me', perfect for one , 'For Us', our most popular size, and 'For the Family', ideal for the larger family table.

We have three types of subscription in each size for you to choose from; The Classic Granola Box delivers granola from our signature range of granolas. Steadfast, best-selling classics to enjoy every day. The Limited Edition box contains granolas from our monthly rotating menu of rare, unique, seasonal or exotic ingredient pairings. Some past examples are 'Coconut & Hibiscus', 'Burnt Orange & Tea' and our award winning 'Chocolate & Bay Leaf' blend. See More. Our Baker's Choice box delivers a suprise package; you could receive the previous day's granola bake, a not-for-sale exclusive granola, some of the month's best selling Limited Edition blends or, quite simply, a delicious package of granola.

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